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Simone & Michela



Simone Corvini and Michela Natali are young competitors in the WDSF Professional Division, and represented Italy in several World Championships, performing in Ballroom, Latin American and 10 Dances, but they are also extremely busy in Italy, where they are Technical and Artistic Directors of their Sport Society Ritmo Danza S.r.l. based in San Giovanni in Persiceto - Bologna, are coaches of numerous couples and teams from beginners up to the maximum class and ordinary judges of the Italian Dance Sport Federation (FIDS)

Simone and Michela both started dancing at the age of 6 years, and with different partners have decided to enter the path of the competitions in Dance sport, then arriving to join their courses in 2005 and becoming a well-matched pair both in competitions and in the teaching. Their constant aim is to grow and improve as athletes and as coaches, through the ongoing participation at seminars, training camps, workshops and graduating each year at the Dance Sport Academy in Molinella, the first real dance academy. For being always updated, Simone and Michela invest a loto of time and energies for a high level formation, not only in the pure dancing but also in different related subjects (such as sport psicology, anatomy, coaching, pedagogy, English, biomeccanic, management…) contributing to the development of this very young sport. They study with:

  • Latin and Standard worl champions from the present and past
  • Specialized technique teachers
  • University teachers linked with the world of Sport
  • Experts from the School of Sport (CONI)

Among their great projects, it’s a must to mention their project work about training methodology in dance sport, the creation of a glossary for dance sport athletes and collaboration with a team of over 20 professionals in the preparation of new texts of the technical Standard and Latin American dances approved by the WDSF in 2013.

2010 is a year full of surprises for Simone and Michela, over the inauguration of the official seat Ritmo Danza Studio, they have passed the examinations by federal judges and have become judges and competitors in the professional division.

Today, in addition to engaging in their workouts, Simone and Michelal have chosen to share their passion in dancing, teaching dance sport at all levels and the relationship of trust and respect that is renewed every year with all their students, from social dancers to the top competitors, is for them a source of great pride. Also in this field they are managing a great job ... they have already achieved with their students, 27 finals at the Italian Championships and collected 5 times the title of ITALIAN CHAMPIONS!

Their first competition as Professionals in the international field took place in Salou in December 2010, on the occasion of WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS PROFESSIONALS 10 DANCES where they gained the semifinal, a debut of all respect! They are also in the first 24 couples in the world in the Ballroom, and also participated at several international competitions: England, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Albania and they represented Italy at the International Tournament for the 10 dances that was held in Paris, winning the Bronze medal.

Also in the professional division, they achieved the final at international competition such as Platja D'Aro Dance Sport Festival (Spain) and Brno Open (Czech Republic).





Rimini, June 27, 2009, by Simone and Michela an unforgettable date: the competition begins at 9:50 am and round after round they danSimone--Michela-8-biancace better, full of determination and energy up to the semi-final ... even then the access to the final and 22:30 i


s the time of the awards. Simone and Michael win the title of ITALIAN VICE-CHAMPIONS 2009 LATIN AMERICAN DANCES!

Rimini, June 1, 2010: it is still PODIUM! After the success of last season Simone and Michela certainly could not aim down, and so this year achieve a new final, this time in the 10 Dances (Standard - Latin), one of the most difficult and challenging competition, getting on the podium in third position.



And what about their past?

   With different partners, they both have achieved important results:

   • Italian Champion in Ballroom.

   • Finalists in the Italian Championships in Latin American Dance and  

     Dance in the 10 Dances.

   • 2nd place at the Italian Cup Latin American Dance.


In 2007:

• Regional Champions 2007 Latin American Dance (19-34 A2).

• Semi-finalists at the Italian Championship for the 10 Dances.

• Winners of the Gold Master of Merano in both Standard and Latin American Dances.

• Finalists in Rimini at the Italian Cup Ballroom.

In 2008:

• First final in the international category "WDSF Rising Stars" in Plaja d'Aro (Spain).

• Regional Champions 2008 Ballroom (19-34 A1).

• Regional Champions 2008 10 Dances (19-34 A).

• 2nd place at the Regional Championship 2008 Latin American Dance (19-34 A2).

• Semi-finalists at the Italian Championship for the 10 Dances.



2007: Thanks to their excellent results, on the occasion of the 19th Spring Gala win one of the most coveted awards of the evening: the 10 Dance Rising Star Award.

20Simone--Michela-10-bianca12: Simone and Michela win the Team Diablo Award as BEST TEACHERS OF SOCIAL DANCE for the season 2011-2012.

2013: Confirmation of the prize of last season, Simone and Michela win for the second consecutive year, the Award BEST TEACHERS OF SOCIAL DANCE for the season 2012-2013.




Since 2007 they accepted with pride to help a charity of Bologna, becoming Fa.Ne.P. Testimonials (Fampiglie Pediatric Neurology) together with famous people like Barbara Cola, Paolo Mengoli, Andrea Mingardi and Silvia Mezzanotte.

ParticSimone--Michela-7-biancaipated at the "Arts Festival" in Bologna organized by Andrea Mingardi where, presenting a show of Rumba really impressive, made ​​the finals between more than 600 participants. Finally, contacted by Mediaset, they performed on the set of "Cultura Moderna" next to Teo Mammucari, Gabibbo and Giuliana.                




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